I create functional and expressive bespoke furniture. I work with reclaimed, infested and decayed woods that feature highly expressive visual qualities.



Modernism and nature are central and contrasting themes in my work. Modernist architectural forms express structure and order, tending towards conquering nature, whereas natural materials can be superbly unpredictable and resist constraint.



Most of my work involves creating unique pieces to meet specific needs and settings. Bespoke chests of drawers, desks and tables are my speciality. Each of my designs incorporates precious and richly patterned woods into finely balanced and clean-lined furniture.




I am a freelance furniture maker based in Lincolnshire, UK.



I work with hand tools to make fine furniture. Most of the tools and processes involved are very traditional. 



Shape, poise and balance are crucial to my work and I aim for a confident visual impression. Function and performance are equally important in furniture so that its aesthetic qualities are matched with strength and practicality.



Please contact me if you’d like to ask about a bespoke furniture commission.